Trauma and loss can occur at any age and for this reason, I target treatments specific to the life stage in which the problem occurs.  I believe that change  is inevitable; however,  how you navigate change has a direct impact on the quality of your life and on those around you.  For growth to occur, it is vital  healthy thoughts are established. As a Licensed Professional Counselor - Supervisor  (LPCS) with over twenty-eight years of clinical experience, it is my goal to help explore, implement, and support those decisions that will lead to improvement in a client's lives.  Call (972) 522-8448 to schedule an appointment.

Adult Marriage Counseling

Adult Therapy

By the time a person reaches adulthood, unresolved past issues can affect their success and the way they view themselves and the world.  Misbeliefs can stifle dreams and goals, which contribute to the inability to effectively handle new stressors or life problems. Therapy is geared to help adults re-evaluate their lives and challenge false beliefs that are stagnating their success in vocation, relationships, and family.  Individual, family, and marital counseling services are available.


One of our therapies used to resolve trauma is scientifically proven EMDR therapy.  Using eye movements or other bilateral stimulation such as tappers, EMDR  unlocks  dysfunctional emotions trapped in the brain and body.  As a result the core of depression, anxiety, rage reactions  and the like can be cured at the source.  EMDR is a more efficient, intense method and has been life changing for many of my clients. To learn more watch the video at right, courtesy of EMDR International Association and visit their website at