Family Counseling

Maintaining marital and family balance is challenging.  As children age, discipline must change to promote healthy growth and decision making skills. Parenting, while experiencing  lifestyle change or crisis is especially trying for the family.  Family counseling is offered as an adjunct additional service to individual counseling, it is not offered as a separate service.  If you have recognized the need for help in this area, call (972) 522-8448 today.

If you are in a mental health crisis, call 911 for immediate assistance.  

Like a tradition, positive and negative behavior can be passed down generation to generation.  Couples and Family therapy can help break destructive life patterns by providing a safe place to identify and discuss problems. 

Healthy families recognize differences in opinions are inevitable, listen to one another, and work together.  

Family boundaries and rules are clear and consistent so members know what to expect.  

Unhealthy families may experience the following:

- Increased conflicts over parental discipline

- Parental or teen alcohol & drug abuse

- Isolation, withdrawal, or avoidance of each other

- Inability to solve problems

Family counseling provides a safe place to communicate, work together, and implement a plan for growth. 

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