Licensed Professional Counselor

Call (972) 522-8448 for an appointment.  If you are in a medical or mental health crisis and need immediate assistance, Call 911.


Problems in one area of life can have a ripple effect your relationships, career, finances, health, community, and general well-being.  Working with you, I help you discover the source of problem situations and equip you with new skills to manage your future.  Because I have studied and practiced many methods of therapy over the past 28 years, I can combine them to utilize the best possible approach based upon your treatment goals. Together, we choose methods that are based in science and proven to be the most effective. 

My specialty treatment areas include:

Faith Based Counseling

EMDR Therapy for Trauma Recovery

EFT Emotional Freedom Technique and Cognitive Behavioral therapy used  to treat anxiety, depression, post traumatic disorder (PTSD) and other mood disorders

ERP Exposure and Response Prevention therapy for the treatment of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Art Therapy for Adolescents. 

These therapies are used in combination to treat an array of symptoms and conditions including:

Anger Management


Crisis Management

Couples/Marriage/Relationship Problems

Divorce Recovery including helping children adjust and Co-Parenting assistance

Family Therapy and Parenting Skill Development 

Career and Vocational Development

Both long term and short term treatment models are available. Online (Telehealth/TeleMed) sessions may be an option for certain treatments. 


It has been my privilege to obtain over twenty-eight years of experience in all levels of treatment including hospital, residential, out-patient, in-home, online, and educational settings. I began my career in the Mental Health field, then through further education and experience gained my first Professional Counselor Licensure in Oklahoma in 1999.  I am currently a Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor in Texas and have operated my own Counseling Center in Wylie since 2009.   My LPC-S status allows me to treat clients and supervise other counselors who are seeking to obtain licensure in the state of Texas.     

Please call 972-522-8448 for a free, 10 minute, no-obligation telephone consultation to see if I offer treatment for what you need.  

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